• 40x30cm-mauzy-creations-flower of life painting
  • 40x30cm-mauzy-creations flower of life art glitter
  • 40x30cm-mauzy-creations flower of life artwork
  • 40x30cm-mauzy-creations-flower of life wall art



Multi-media artwork – 4 layers of resin

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"Awakening", 2018

This painting is full of supporting energies for your awakening and ascension, having been started on the 2018 8-8 lion’s gate portal, the glitter flower of life was made on the day of the new moon partial solar eclipse on 11th August 2018. Energies from the Liquid Crystal Oracle cards and the artist’s angelic and galactic guides were channelled into the artwork with the intention of supporting the awakening of the viewer and ascension to 5D.

This painting was exhibited at the Nin Yoga fundraiser, raising money to support Beyond Blue. Since the artist’s day job is working within the mental health field, she was very pleased to be supporting Beyond Blue.

  • Four layers of resin
  • Multi-media – glitter, alcohol inks, resin
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm 


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