• 37cm_paddleboard_green_lpatterned_mauzy_creations
  • 37cm_paddleboard_green_lpatterned_mauzy_creations
  • 37cm_paddleboard_patterned_mauzy_creations
  • 37cm_paddleboard_fullpatterned_mauzy_creations
  • 37cm_paddleboard_closeup_patterned_mauzy_creations
  • 37cm_paddleboard_closeup_lpatterned_mauzy_creations

Lace-inspired Paddle Board


37cm x 28.5cm Acacia Serving Board with Resin and glitter embellishment

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Lace inspired Paddle Board

  • This board can be used as a serving tray, decorative centrepiece or cutting board.
  • Great for parties, for serving cheese or appetisers
  • Material: Acacia Wood, resin, glitter
  • Dimension: 38 x 28.5cm 
  • Handwash only

Additional information

Serving board

Serving Board with knives only, Coasters x4 only, Serving board and coaster set


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